Cloths of different qualities are used for our cotton line In the following chart, the different cloths are classified according to levels of performance (on a scale from 1 to 10), with reference to the following variables:
resistance: it shows the level of resistance to wear and tear and so, as a consequence, the performances on the duration level. 
Abrasion: it shows the power of removing of material from the surface. In general, cloths with hig power of abrasion (e.g. 28 g) do not grant a very high standard of finishing. 
Finishing: it shows the level of buffing of the surface at the end of the treatment. Soft cloths (e.g. 20 f) give very good finishing, but they damaged in very short time. 
Other informations are: 
Aspect: it shows how the cloth is when touched. 
Use: it suggest the best way of use, with reference to the surface to be polished
Treatment phase: it classifies the cloth according to the two following treatment levels 

Polishing: intermediate treatment phase. The surface still has light streakings, which make it smooth but matt. 
Buffing: final phase. The surface is bright and perfectly smooth.


Performance classification:
From 1 to 6 Low            
From 6 to 8 good            
from 8 to 10 very good            
Cloths Resistance
Abrasion Finishing Aspect Use Tretment Phase
28 g 9 8 5 very rigid steel brass  polishing
28 nat. 8 7 7 rigid steel brass aluminiun polishing and buffing
24 A 7 7 6 rigid silver gold marble polishing and buffing
20 A 6 6 7 rigid marble polishing
24 nat. 5 5 8 smooth silver gold ottone aluminium buffing
20 nat. 4 5 8 smooth silver gold buffing
20 fel 4 4 9 very smooth silver gold wood plastic buffing
pr 27 9 7 6 rigid brass robotic polishing